Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Post 2 Synesthesia

Synesthesia is a systematic and involuntary sensory experience induced by an unrelated stimulus. In chapter 11, Zana Devitto imagines specific colors when she looks at letters and numbers. She states, "It's not as if the letters look printed in different colored inks. The colors are lessdistinct, and seem more like they're surrounding the letters, or being projected onto them. Either way, the colors are inseparable from their specific letters." There are varieties of synesthesia, such as sounds can also induce color sensations. If you are not like Devitto, according to neurophysiological theories, everyone was once was before development pruned the extra connections. Heres a video to see if you are.

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  1. Synesthesia was one of the most interesting things that we read in the book. It amazes me how some people view color differently than others. Great post and great video!