Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Post #2: Sense of Smell

    When reading about anosmia and the loss of the sense of smell, I felt as though this would be the easiest sense to lose. I thought that dealing with the loss of smell would be easier than going blind or losing my sense of taste, but then after reading, I was reminded how much smell has an effect on our sense of taste. and in Karl Wuensch's case, I wondered if it was better to be born without the sense of smell all together or to lose it later in life as he did. I began to look up information on anosmia outside of the book to see stories about others with anosmia, some who were born with it, and others who developed it later on in life as Karl did. The video below is an example of a person who was born without a sense of smell. 


  1. I really liked and can relate to how little we see value in our sense of smell in our every day lives. I too thought it wouldn't be much of problem to lose sense of smell but after learning about this, it must be very difficult to lose our sense of smell. I hope that one day this no longer becomes a problem and their can be an end to this rare situation.

  2. Hello Laurel!
    We are all aware of individuals who are death or blind, but sometimes I believe we forget about loosing the sense of smell. After reading the chapter and learning more about the sense of smell, it is devastating to know that people are born or develop the lose of smell.