Monday, June 15, 2020

Post #2 The highest form of flattery - Mimicking

While reading "See What I'm Saying" by Lawrence Rosenblum, Chapter 9 talks about mimicking, how at a young age you begin to mimic facial expressions and how you change your facial posture. In the begining of the chapter we are introduced to Marilyn Micheals, a famous impressionist. She has appeared on Tv's shows since the 1960's. But you might be asking yourself, why bring her up, why this topic? As the title might tell you, I firmly believe that the highest form of flattery, is mimicking. You have people, who look, act, or even dress like the person they idealize the most. in the link below is famous singer Ariana Grande, watching tik toks of other girls, impersonating her, Grande does state how its crazy that someone looks like her, and is mixing her two worlds, one being when she was on Tv as a child star, and now how she is an adult and song writer. But I ask this to anyone who comments, would you be freaked out if someone starting mimicking you, would you be flattered or freaked out? Me, I think I would be flattered if it was harmless, but the moment it gets like weird, I would be freaking out, but I am not a famous million dollar song writer.

Down below I linked the youtube video of Ariana Grande giving her thoughts about the subject.

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  1. I honestly could not imagine having people copy everything I do and try to look like me everywhere I go. I always never understood how some people look up to celebrities so much, cry when they meet them, and copy everything they do. My thought is, they are people just like me and you so I could do comprehend how it must feel to have constant cameras following you and everyone watching your every move.