Sunday, June 21, 2020

Post #2: Anosmia

Anosmia is simply the loss of smell. When Karl Wuensch was diagnosed with anosmia, it took a toll on his life. Wuensch was diagnosed with anosmia due to large polyps in his sinuses and critically swollen turbinates. This disease is also remotely difficult to cure, about two million Americans are currently uncured of anosmia. Not only was it difficult to taste foods, but it also affected his relationships with those who surrounded him. He claimed the smell of people is what he missed the most out of every scent; as it affected his intimate and casual interactions. For food, he learned to enjoy more spicy dishes, which was something he could taste better. Fortunately, Wuensch's anosmia typically gets better with several treatments and he has been in remission for around three years now.

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  1. I thought your video fit well with your post for anosmic. Having such a strong sense of smell, I can not imagine not being able too. I love the smell of food cooking and fresh baked cookies coming out the oven.