Friday, June 19, 2020

Blog Post #3 - Multisensory Perception (Chapter 10)

Chapter 10 discusses the multisensory perception, like lip reading. I have never really thought about lip reading and how often it is done and how much it is used since the day you are born. You lip read when you are in a quiet environment, learning a new language, as well as when you were learning your first language. The McGurk effect relates to lip reading, it demonstrates that we all lip-read and use visual speech information. I find it really interesting that this effect is used as a tool for us to understand the type of facial information we require for visual speech perception. We have always lip-read according to a study on a five-month-old baby. Babies perceive speech from faces.

Multisensory integration: perceptual grouping by eye and ear ...


  1. Hello Alexa!
    I found Chapter 10 to be very interesting and informative. I enjoyed learning about lipreading, and the McGurk effect. Im not sure how other people lipread, but I'm not the best when it comes to lipreading, I typically just tell the other person to speak up but after reading the chapter, I think I will try to get better at lipreading.

  2. Hello Alexa! Great post and I really enjoyed the videos you put along with it as well. I totally agree with you I never thought out lip-reading and how much we use it until reading this book and I guess the same can be said for things mentioned about the other senses as well. This book really put things into perspective for me.