Thursday, June 25, 2020

Blind Baseball Players

Take Me Out to the Beep Baseball Game - Braille Works BlogI have played softball almost my entire life. I have also had glasses since I was in second grade, and I could not imagine trying to be a catcher without them. When I read about the Houston Heat blind baseball team, I was in shock! Of course, the modifications of the game are a little bit different than traditional baseball; however, the skill of those who are visually impaired in terms of their other senses was absolutely astonishing.

Because of the auditory approach system, the fielders are able to perfectly time when to dive for a fly ball. When they start to slowly hear the baseball coming towards them, they know it is not the time to dive. Then, once the sound starts to get faster, they know that it is coming near them and it is time to dive for the ball. The way that their other senses are able to be utilized to be able to play baseball is incredible, and they have their auditory approach system to thank for that!

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  1. Olivia, I am also blown away that people can effectively play a sport with sight impairment. It is an insane feat I could never imagine doing myself. The human body is an amazing thing that we can adapt and use things like our auditory approach system to use judgement through hearing to preform tasks.