Sunday, June 23, 2019

Post #3: Synesthesia

The book happened to  mention one of my favorite neurological phenomenons, synesthesia. Having crossed sensations, linked sensations is awesome to me. I read a book called the tell-tale-brain once and it went over in detail how complex this is. I found this fascinating because I went to high-school with a girl who had it. She is an amazing pianist and hearing her play was an experience. She told me that when she struck the keys on the piano she saw colors with each note. She was able to know when she made a mistake when she saw the wrong color. This sounded unreal to me back then, but after reading and learning about it in college, it doesn't seem as far fetch as it once did. In fact, I now understand how she would find music so easy to learn. I could not imagine having that ability. I am happy that the last chapter touched on that. I like that the book says we are able to experience one type of synesthesia all the time with smells and such. Some have these connections a lot stronger than others. 


  1. Prior to reading this book, I've never heard of the topic of synesthesia. It was really interesting to learn and I'm so glad that I have a general understanding of this topic. It's really nice to hear that you were able to make a real-life connection to your personal life also!