Monday, June 24, 2019

Post #3 Pheromones

While reading, I came across the interesting topic of females having the ability to synchronize their menstrual cycles. This appears to be a touchy subject, but it's natural and it's part of being human, so it shouldn't be anything less than "normal" to talk about, right? Martha McClintock was the first person to bring this idea to peoples attention while attending a seminar that held a room full of all male renown biologists. Unbelievable at first, but she later had proof that created both an important and controversial research area in human pheromones. I can't relate to having synchronized menstrual cycles with other females myself, but McClintock's claim that females who are around each other for long periods of time, encounter changes to their olfactory system, sensing pheromones through menstruation, causing them to unknowingly synchronize their menstrual cycles. I personally can't relate, but I have heard stories from close friends about having synchronized menstrual cycles with both their mothers and sisters, so it could be true. It is still a controversial topic, but I think it's pretty neat and I would love to do more research on it.

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