Monday, June 24, 2019

Post #2 Choosing a Significant Other By Smell

After reading a section of the book on this topic, I decided to look more into people choosing their significant others solely based on smell. It kinda sounds crazy when you first think about it but after watching this video (that I attached below) it makes a lot of sense. There is real biological reasoning behind using your nose to find a significant other. Certain pheromones and smells that people give off are more attractive to people who are compatible with one another.

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  1. This section was certainly the most peculiar, yet, extremely interesting. At the thought of smelling someone for a significant other sounded pretty extreme to me. However, after reading on the section and how it affects our feelings towards someone I have to admit I'm somewhat convinced that this method could work. It's almost like you trust your instincts oppose to what you think you may like about someone. As he stated, "we are attracted to people for reasons we do not know sometimes."