Thursday, June 20, 2019

Post #2: Chapter 4 Info

Alright, so I came across a part in the book I found to be very interesting. I was able to find a funny BuzzFeed video on it as well. The book mentioned how a woman named Martha McClintock brought up the subject on female individuals syncing together on their mensural period cycles and how all the men were in disbelief. I myself, who live in a house of only women (me, my mom, and sisters), I can honestly say I believe in this. When I lived home with my family, we all were going through the cycle span at the same time. In high school, when I was on my soccer team, around my teammates daily, we all some how found ourselves to be synced up. In college with roommates, we all adjusted to be synced up. This is too much of a coincidence to be insignificant. I know there is no real evidence yet, but I think that evolutionarily it makes sense. I never knew why this was or even had an idea until the book mentioned smells and pheromones. It said that women are able to do this,"synchronizing through their detection of their pheromones emitted by nest mates,". Which makes sense. Nest mates could mean roommates, sisters, best friends, any other female one female may see frequently. The fact that "repeated exposure to other women's pheromones could induce mensural entrainment across the women, even without their awareness,"is both amazing and interesting to me. It sounds almost gross at first, that we smell one another's mensuration patterns and sync up to them, but it is honestly amazing and so interesting. 

The video also brought up Martha McClintock's work and how important it was, yet at that time also not talked about.


  1. Elizabeth, I enjoyed your post and video. I found this topic interesting as well. I assumed the idea to be true since I have experienced being synced with my friends and workmates. The secretion of pheromones must contribute some how since like you suggested it is too much of a coincidence.

  2. I always thought this topic was interesting. I am the total opposite of you where I only live with my dad and brother growing up and was not really part of any team with all girls. I think it probably happened at a couple times with my best friend when we would always hang out. Although I am just like the one girl in the video where for years I take birth control for my cramps so it automatically has a set schedule and I do not know if it would change being around other girl, as she mentioned her friend synced up with her schedule. It's true though the thought of girls smelling each other pheromones and eventually syncing up is very weird, but interesting. Great post!

  3. I enjoyed reading your post and watching the video you provided along with it. I cannot say I've shared a similar experience with other females and syncing our menstrual cycles, but I can say I have weird encounters with my female dog when menstruating. I do believe it has something to do with pheromones and I agree that it plays a huge role when around other females for a long period of time. My dog will follow me around, constantly putting her nose in my crotch region and it's not just me she does this to, it's any other female that is around who is menstruating. I'm not sure what it does to dogs, but she will begin to dry hump whenever she smells the pheromones. It's an interesting topic and definitely one I'd love to do more research on.