Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Sweet Foods (Post 3)

Apparently, eating sweet foods helps form a memory of a meal.  In a new study in the journal Hippocampus, researchers believe it can also help control eating behavior.  Neurons in the dorsal hippocampus are activated when one eats sweets.  Episodic memory is the kind that helps one recall what they experienced at a particular time or place.  They believe that episodic memory can be used to control eating behavior.  For example, one may say "I won't eat now.  I had a big breakfast."  They would make that decision based on the memory of what they ate and when.

In class we learned that taste is connected with the neurons throughout our brains, so I am not surprised that by eating certain foods certain things like memories can be triggered.  I see online all the time things about "super foods" that help brain power and things like that.  This article is just one of the many saying that eating a certain food will help with actions of the brain.  Fine by me though, I just now have an excuse to eat more sweets since it helps with my memory.

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