Monday, December 17, 2018

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Fog and Perception

I was driving to work the other morning, it was super foggy out. I was going over the bridge and realized i couldn't see anything. It was actually kind of scary. I quickly started driving slower then got to thinking about how the fog was throwing off my perception. When I got home I looked up an article about how fog effects our perception while driving. There was an experiment done in Germany to compare the driving behavior in fog versus not in fog. It was found that when there was fog surrounding the car- in all windows the drivers slowed down. When the for was in a distance the speed of driving was above average. This was due to the changing visual perception. It depended on what part of vision was impaired due to the fog. If it was in our peripherals we slow down. When the fog is in a distance, in our center line of vision we tend to speed up towards it. I thought that this concept was interesting.

link to article: 2012-10-foggy-perception.html
Elements of Thought: Question at issue- "How does fog effect our visual perception?
Information: Based on the data in Germany it depends on where the fog is to interpret how it effects our visual perception.

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