Thursday, December 6, 2018

BWW and Selective Attention

Have you ever gone to Buffalo Wild Wings and tried to watch multiple sports games at once, while trying to eat your buffalo wings, while also trying to engage in conversation with your dinner guests but seem to miss all the important plays, spill food all over yourself, and zone out your friends? This is in part due to Selective Attention. It is very common for us to want to multi-task and complete as many things as possible in one sitting, but it is very unnatural for us to do so. Divided Attention is paying attention to more than one thing at once but this ability is limited which impacts how much we can process. While trying to watch four games at once on all the live screens at BWW, it's inevitable that we're not going to catch everything and going to miss some important plays because our attention is elsewhere. Selective Attention focuses on specific objects and filters out others so that we can actually absorb what we are looking at. So next time you go to Buffalo Wild Wings in hopes of watching all the games playing at once, I challenge you to catch every single play, talk to your dinner guests, and NOT spill food on yourself. It's pretty impossible.

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