Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Fractal Zoom

Fractals are infinite patterns which are found everywhere in nature. They show that there is order in chaos, and in a way, they are the common ground between science and spiritualism. In biology, cells under a microscope create unique patterns, and as you zoom closer and closer, more unique patterns emerge. Trees have fractals.

Watch this video of a fractal zoom for at least 30 seconds (although it works really well if you watch it for a whole minute). When you look away from the video, you will experience the motion aftereffect. After looking at the moving object for 30 seconds (the fractal zoom), look at a stationary object after and the object should look like it is moving in the opposite direction. In this case, it should look like it is moving away from you. Also, it works better if you watch it full screen.

I watched this fractal zoom in another class (Witches by Christine Farina) and experienced the motion aftereffect.

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