Friday, November 30, 2018

Five  Ways to Change Emotional Habits 

It is scientifically proven that the adult brain can rewire itself when responding to a stimuli. The most two widely accepted and used ways of physically rewiring the brain includes mindfulness meditation and cognitive behavior therapy. Below are the five ways to change emotional habits: 

1. Understand your brain's neuroplasticity. Neuorplasticity consists of how the brain responds to experience. For example, certain brain games use neuroplasticity to improve memory and spatial ability. 
2. Experience-dependent plasticity: This means that if neurons continue to fire at the same time, eventually they'll develop a physical connection.
3. Avoid stress and the habits it tends to bring. Although easier said than done, take time to think before reacting. 
4. Do specific brain-training tasks. There are plenty of free apps on apple products that consist of mindful exercises and ways to improve your emotional well-being. One I particularly like and mentioned before is Youper. Another one can also be "Pacifica." 
5. Practice breathing exercises and meditation. 

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