Friday, June 22, 2018

Hearing Things

The "Hearing Things" game is a perfect example of how we rely on both our auditory and visual systems to understand what someone is saying. Some of things the "deaf" participant believes that the other player is saying is very entertaining! When one is taken away, it becomes much more difficult to understand the person. I work in a large physical therapy outpatient clinic. There, I work with people that I have known for years and can easily have a conversation with them while multitasking. However, there is one therapist who has a thick Russian accent. When I have conversation with him, I now notice that I have to be in close proximity to him and definitely pay closer attention to what he is saying so I can fully understand him. For me, using what I see and hear from this therapist helps me to understand what he is communicating.

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  1. Wow, this video is so cool!!! I work with adults with special needs and sometimes I have to really pay attention to what they are trying to say. Other individuals I work with talk more clearly, but with the ones I cannot always understand I have to use both my auditory and visual systems to try and comprehend what they are saying!