Monday, June 11, 2018

Smiling is Contagious

Everyone knows that smiling is contagious and I wanted to understand why a little more after reading the chapter one smiling and mood change. In the article on the Huffington Post, says that we mimic the behavior we see. This mimicry is sometimes unnoticeable to us.  This can also be why when you see someone yawn you do it as well. In our brains there is sensorimotor simulation which is why we mimic behavior that we see. For instance, if you see someone smile you mimic the behavior and soon you will feel happy. The mimicry also helps us when communicating effectively with someone and making appropriate decisions in these conversations. We see a behavior and act accordingly, which also helps with our social interactions with people. This could also show why people with neurological disorders don't communicate as well as others
without the disorder.

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