Saturday, June 23, 2018

Gene Purdie-Stargardt's Disease

I remembered watching this touching story on Rachael Ray and I wanted to post about it. There is a father named Gene Purdie. He has a disease where it caused him to have extremely blurry central vision, basically being blind. He cannot see features and he has an extremely difficult time reading things. He still tries to be normal and cooking is his favorite thing to do. His wife even says that something that takes him about 30 minutes would take her a lot longer. So, when they heard about Rachael Ray helping another lady with the same disease, they wrote to her to see if Gene could also try these special glasses and see his wife and son for the first time. These glasses are supposed to take someone with essentially no eye sight, back to normal. These worked and I just thought it was a really cool story to share.

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  1. Brianna, I remember seeing that too and just looked up the clip in youtube ( It was very cool to see how the wife reacted to the fact that he was able to see her. It appears that he had very little vision, sort of a pin hold and his vision was abstracted. The glasses worked with a camera and a computer to focus the images into into the pin hole expending the vision.