Thursday, June 7, 2018

A Video Game That Uses Echlocation?

For my horror video game lovers, this may be the game for you! In the game Perception (coincidence? I think not) , it's a first person narrative adventure game that takes you on a journey as the main heroine Cassie, who is blind, that uses her extraordinary hearing and quick wits to unravel and solve the mysteries of an abandoned mansion. With this, the player uses echolocation or the character's cane in order to make out and "see" the surroundings as they progress through the game. Also, the player has a cell phone that they can take pictures and send them to an operator that helps describes what's in their surroundings. However, if the player taps too much the antagonists called the Presence will try to hurt them. I haven't played this game but it definitely has a very different aspect that many games today don't offer. It's interesting to see that there are games out that give the player a point of view that they normally wouldn't have such as blindness.

Do you have what it takes to help Cassie solve the mysteries of the mansion?   

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