Monday, May 28, 2018

Perception in Film and Animation

This is an interesting article on how film makers utilize various techniques to help share our perception with their films. The article points to the use of "narrative perception" to get viewers immersed in the story. Including utilizing research that shows that keeping the viewer as a "passive observer" is more favorable then placing them as unwilling participants.

The article shows how each scene is a building block providing information to help the plot, including the angles and colors used. Like wise, how the film is cut, using "flash backs" or a montage, are also used to produce the intended perception the film maker is trying to convey. Use of motion perception, face recognition and lighting are other important elements of manipulating perception in producing their films. 

This weekend I watched the movie Avatar and it was amazing to see these techniques come together to get me involved in the story and to engage my perceptions to enjoy a good movie. It is interesting how this movie takes you through the Elements of Thought, including helping you to build on "information" to draw on your "concepts" of right and wrong about the invader's motive. As well as getting you to the "point of view" of the natives, who are protecting their connection to their natural environment and their way of life.

Here is the link to this article:
Perception In Film

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