Monday, December 4, 2017

Humans are born with the ability to recognize snakes and spiders

A team of researchers from Max Planck Institute in Germany and Uppsala University in Sweden tested to see if human infants have an innate fear of potentially dangerous animals. In the test, 48, 6-month-old infants were shown a series of slides that depicted various animals. When the infants saw pictures of snakes and spiders they consistently reacted with dilated pupils. This means that the infants feared the animals and they paid a lot of attention to them. The infants did not have the same response when they were shown harmless stimuli like flowers and fish.
This study shows that humans are born with the ability to recognize dangerous animals. This is an evolutionary mechanism that helped human infants to avoid interacting with potentially lethal animals. This research also suggests that all infants are born with images of snakes and spiders already hardwired into their brains.

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