Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Apple vs Onion to the fact that our taste sense is about 80% based on what things smell like, could onions and apples "taste" the same if a person was blind folded and their nose was pinched? I found this to be quite interesting, and theoretically the experiments should conclude that both apples and onions should taste the same under correct protocol, because apples and onions have the same crunch like texture it will be hard to tell them a part. In one study the result was that the taste between the two were indistinguishable until you open your nostrils again. Later in the study it was highly recommended to put a slice of apple and onion in your mouth at the same time, the vlogger said they neutralize each other. The vlogger even tried it on different foods with the same constancy like pudding and sour cream. NOTE: the video attached is funny but also PG-13 with some of the comments made and not completely scientific.

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