Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Make yourself smile!

A person’s covert or subconscious reactions are influence by a person’s emotional understanding or context. The text mentions that “inhibiting facial reactions can dampen your reactions to emotional images” (Rosenblum, 2010, p. 191). On the other hand, it is import to consider that emotions are embodied. When smiling, a person is not inhibiting their facial reaction because they are displaying how they are feeling, usually positive. This can also trick the mind into being happier than it already is. For example, during an experiment people were asked to hold a pen between their lips, complete an exercise, and scale the exercise 0-9. Then they were asked to hold the pen in between their teeth and repeat the process. People scored the exercise between their teeth higher because it forces them to smile. Happiness is embodied with a smile; if you are forced to smile you will automatically boost your emotional state subconsciously. Changing your face physically influences the emotion itself.


  1. Reading this chapter about our emotional states was very interesting to me! I remember reading about the experiment with the pencil and found it remarkable that just by holding the pencil with your teeth, the person was in a happy, emotional state because of the forced smile. It also mentioned that the person who had the pencil in their mouth (closed) showed more of a frowning facial expression, which resulted in a more depressed emotional state.

  2. I was very interested in reading about smiling in our books. I found it so amazing that a smile can change someones emotional state. I thought the experiment they used with the pen was strange at first, but after reading it and learning how the people were forced to smile by holding the pen in there mouth actually changed their emotional state. A smile can change anyones day!

  3. I found this topic of making oneself to smile to be immensely fascinating as well. I personally have experienced that when I smile that I do start feeling even more happier or more relaxed. Also, in our text it is mentioned that smiling is contagious, And I have certainly noticed that when others smile at me that I can’t help but to smile back at them. More so, continue to smile at others around me. So, I can attest to experiencing that contagious quality of smiling.