Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Faux Hand

In the chapter that talks about replacing your hand with a rubber hand and having your brain send pain signals when harm comes to the rubber hand, is so interesting. It explains that thing I used to do when I was younger, where you match your finger up to someone else's and feel with your other hand down both sides of both fingers as if it was one and it feels like you have one large finger. Our brains are so malleable and I think that is really wild, how easily we can adapt to new situations.


  1. I found this experiment to be pretty interesting, that a persons brain can be tricked to think that something is a part of your body when it is not. And how the person could feel the paint brush, brush against a finger on the faux hand.

  2. I thought what was most intriguing in this chapter was how in doing this experiment and the out-of-body one, is that you can actually have a physical response from it as well. If someone is bashing the rubber hand with a hammer, you may start to have an increased heart rate and sweat. Your brain perceives the hand to be yours so much to the extent that you can have a physical reaction of anxiety, fear, and panic.