Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Blind 5 year old is an amazing musician

The book talks about in one of the first chapters how when you lose one sense the others are stronger. I found this interesting and it added on to my anecdotal evidence. My nephew who is blind is now five years old but since he was born he has loved music. He can hear a song on the radio in the car then walk in the house and play it on an instrument of his choosing- piano, bongo, etc. We have always said it is because he can hear better than the rest of us, due to his lack of vision. I am not sure that he uses echolocation per say, because I have never heard him make clicking noises to determine the distance of an object, however, like the book said, it is an innate ability in all of us and therefore, he likely uses it without any distinct clicking. He is very sensitive with his hands, he does not like them touched. I have always thought this is because his hands are like his eyes and when you touch them he can't "see". Attached is a video of him singing. He also has a youtube channel, if you want to check it out.

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