Monday, May 29, 2017


Our nose helps our brain to figure out what foods we are eating, smells trigger memories, and also emotions. Our brain can differentiate between smells. It can trigger a nauseated feeling if there is something you do not like, or even stimulate hunger. Everyone's sense of smell is different, what smells good to one person may be unappetizing to another. When a person thinks about a food they enjoy their brain triggers the memory of how it smells, looks, and tastes. For example the smell of chocolate can cause people to have experience joy just from the aroma. People know the smell of  family members, different types of wine, and also coffee. Certain places have a particular scent to it which makes it recognizable in the future. Below is a video on how the temperature can affect our sense of smell.


  1. I can absolutely relate to how smells trigger memories and emotions. Growing up my grandmother was a chef in a restaurant within her town and when I would go visit I would always want her to make me a plate of her buffalo wings. To this day, when I smell her famous buffalo sauce I automatically think about all of the times I would go up and visit her as a kid. Since I have food allergies, those foods I am allergic too make me feel sick and nervous when they are being consumed by others around me. From this video you posted, I learned that most substances are volatile such as plants, animals, and various gases. But what I did not know at all was that metals have no smell, like steel for example. Every time I handle coins or other metal objects I always have this odor on my hands which I always assumed was the scent that metal gave off. I really enjoyed this post and the video that went with it because it was very informative!

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  2. Smell is very powerful. In my opinion, smells of food can turn me off of certain things, and sometimes I like the smell but hate the food. I found the video very interesting about less smell in winter than summer. I might have maybe cringed when the video imagined pumpkin spice lattes in the hot summer. Overall, this was a great post, and very cool video to watch.

  3. I too can relate to smells triggering my memories and emotions. Growing up I love the smell of fruit things, bake or fried chicken, baby lotion and bake macaroni and cheese. Another smell I enjoyed was my 4th grade teacher's perfume Everytime she left the room her scent was also left behind with her. There are two smells that are very unappetizing to me and the first one is Coffee. I would get an instant headache because it just stunk to me. I hated the smell it left if a person's breathe and etc. Another smell that discusses me is Pork because I grew up not eating pork and when you have the smell around you and automically makes me gag as if I was going to throw up. So yes smells play a major part of memory and emotions. I also thought it was interesting learning that we taste with our nose and not are tounge.