Saturday, June 11, 2016

Walt Nose Best

As I read through Chapter 4 of See What I'm Saying, I couldn't help but become overwhelmingly nostalgic over my last Disney World experience. As anyone who has taken a trip to one of Disney's Theme Parks will tell you, it is truly a global sensory experience. As Walt himself would have wanted, you cannot help but be entirely immersed in the world of Disney. Music and sounds are perfectly timed as you enter and exit each attraction. Visually, even the lines for the rides are beyond stimulating, let alone the spectacular shows they put on nightly. Food is reminiscent of the very movies the parks pay tribute to (just book a reservation at Be Our Guest and "try the grey stuff, it's delicious"). In a world where no stone was left unturned, it's not surprising that scent plays a huge role. Ever walk down Main Street in Magic Kingdom and notice the incredible aroma of fresh baked cookies, candy, or other sweets? That's thanks to a tool called The Smellitzer. Vlogger mrcheezypop highlights the system in his video.


  1. Wow great post Aubri! Now I understand why Disney is seriously one of the greatest places on earth, they know exactly how to manipulate our senses! This was a great video and I see exactly how it applies to our class and book.

  2. I think it is amazing how in our everyday life we tend to over look all these things until we come across a book like this. I never noticed how in depth a park such as Disney, would go to involve all a persons senses into their over all experience it goes to show how much time an effort must go into the planning of such locations. It's truly just amazing the capability that we have as humans, I think sometimes we tend to forget that we are still animals or at least I do. Great post !

  3. Great post! When I was at Disney, I never really noticed how smell played a part in my experience. Now, I understand why I was getting hungry and wanted to buy those expensive snacks, apart from the complimentary meals they gave. Another clever way for Disney to make money.