Monday, June 20, 2016

Legally Blind

I was raised by a legally blind woman. Legally blind is defined as a visual acuity limited to only 20/200, even with corrective lenses. My mother's eye sight would not allow her to ever drive and although I remember having to guide my mother when we went new places, there were many other things she could do. She had very limited sight but she could cook, clean, dance, etc. Reading chapter one and two gave me insight into how she could achieve many of these things. I wished there was more research done on echolocation in her earlier years. Daniel Kish and Brian Bushway believe that the way to inspire more confidence is to reach their students echolocation. I can only dream of my mom ever being able to ride a bike.


  1. Jessica,

    Your mother sounds like an amazing woman! When I was in middle school a girl who was legally blind came in for part of the day, reading this book made me think of her. Growing up I had a hard time understanding how she could find her way through school, participate in art class and recognize her friends. After reading this book I feel as if I have a greater insight on how she did all of those things. I think that from reading this book I am better able to understand those who experience the world differently from myself!

  2. Jessica,

    Thank you for sharing! Your mother seems like a wonderful woman! I have never known a legally blind person and never really thought about how hard they have it. After reading your post though and reading the book I know understand. Again, your mother seems like an amazing woman and thanks for sharing with us! Your post was very eye opening.