Sunday, November 29, 2015

Technology and Time

Recent studies have examined how we perceive time. As we grow older, it is natural that time seems to move faster than it did when we were younger. However, the widespread use of technology has been shown to have the same effect. Comparisons conducted by Dr. Aoife McLoughlin examined the perception of time between those who infrequently use technology and those who often rely on technology for recreation or work. Those who often relied on technology were found to believe more time had passed in a set period of time than those who do not use technology. For example, in a span of an hour, those who rely on smartphones or computers would likely believe seventy minutes had passed while the other group would have more accurate guesses regarding the passage of time. Explanation for this is said to come from the improved speed of knowledge processing held by those who spend a large portion of time on technology.

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