Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Mind Reading

In class we talked about the study going on at Carnegie Melon which  ‘reads’ a person’s mind based on previous exposure to brain activity. I have found this article which works similarly. The article I have found shares how a paralyzed man takes his first steps based solely on brain activity. The man was hooked up to an EEG that used electrical signals from his brain and sent them to electrodes placed on his knee. The patient endured a 19-week mental training session which allowed him to use his own brain power to make his brain believe he could actually walk. Before they tested the experiment they had him walk while he was suspended 2 inches from the ground. I had chosen a couple different topics before this one, and when I found this article it intrigued me right away. It is amazing how someone who is paralyzed is able to use their own brain function to walk again. Throughout class we have endlessly went over the same process and stressed how important electrical signals are in relation to how we perceive anything. This article proved that importance as well as demonstrating another interpretation of ‘mind reading’. 
A link to the article is:

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