Sunday, November 29, 2015

How Impressions are Formed

     The article that I read was about how about how we make instant judgments about people basically the second that we meet them.  According to the article, we judge people based on biases and stereotypes sometimes unconsciously.  This explains how often time we misjudge people the first time that we meet them.  I admit that I definitely do this.  As a waitress, sometimes I make instant opinions about the people that I'm serving since I'm working for tips.  Though I am definitely not proud of this, it is something that simply happens.  But, most of the time my initial judgements are not proven true.  
    The article also stated that we evaluate people in two phases.  The first phase is unconsciously based on biases and stereotypes and the second phase involves trying harder to really evaluate a person.  This explains why in a lot of cases, people may not like other based on their first meeting, but over time they grow to like them.

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