Friday, November 27, 2015

Color Blindness: What You Don't Know

People of all ages from around the world suffer from different disabilities, and sometimes you cannot even tell. Color blindness, which affects approximately 4.5% of the entire world's population, is actually pretty common even though it does not affect very many. Most people think that they know all about color blindness, but there are actually a couple facts that only a few know. For example, even though color blindness is more common in men, if a father has red-green color blindness, he will not pass the trait down to his sons. On the other hand, if a mother has red-green blindness, it is very likely that all of her sons will have red-green color blindness as well. A couple of other facts that most people do not know about color blindness are:
  • There are people which are really suffering from complete color blindness, which is called achromatopsia or monochromacy.
  • Strongly colorblind people might only be able to tell about 20 hues apart from each other, with normal color vision this number raises to more than 100 different hues.
  • A Colblindor is a colorblind person who learned to enjoy his colorblind life.


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