Monday, November 30, 2015

Babies and Touch

All around the country, people tend to underestimate the importance of touch . Touch has the ability to act in many ways. I read an article about touch and babies and how detrimental it could be for babies who have a lack of touch in their little lives . Touch is a very important part of raising a newborn baby. Babies who are not held or hugged enough can literally stop growing , or often called failure to thrive  and maybe even die. The nurturing is very important in a little babies life because it allows the brain to learn to connect human contact with pleasure . We connect with our  babies first through touch and smiles . 
An article shows that children raised in orphanages are not given the opportunity to engage in touching with parents or guardians as often as children raised at home, and begin to fear touch and avoid it. They simple cannot make the proper connections because they don't get the opportunity or routine with particular people to build bonding. I think this is amazing that one of our senses could actually have such an impact on babies life that it could go as far as death. 

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