Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Sixth Sense and my ability to see dead people

Because this is a class on perception and sensation, and we have gone over our senses I felt it would be a great time to talk about my sixth sense.  For as long as I can remember I have been able to see dead people.  I see them in my daily life and sometimes even speak with them. 

I'm just kidding, I am going to talk about a girl names Genie who is not dead.  In Intro to Psychology and Abnormal Psychology I learned about a girl named Genie who was raised in complete isolation.  Her mother was blind and relied on her father to do most of the caretaking of the children and her father was a terrible human being.  From the age of 7 months to 13 years old Genie was kept locked in a room alone.  She was instructed not to make any noise and punished if she was to do so.  By the time Genie was found she was not only severely mentally retarded but she had a number of problems including not being able to verbalize and not even being able to straighten her limbs out. It is insane to think how someone can go through that much time not being able to say anything at all.   There is a documentary out that shows the process the doctors went through when they found her to attempt and make her a bit sociable.  There is even a point where she starts to vocalize.  It is remarkable to see the strides she takes and the rebirthing of herself. I probably haven't gone more than 2-3 hours without talking in my life, but that's another problem for another blog post... But if anyone is interested here is  link with some more information on Genie.

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