Tuesday, September 22, 2015

New Glasses to help with Color- Blindness

A new type of glasses have been invented to help color blind people experience the world in a whole new way. The company Enchroma developed glasses that have a special vertical lenses to block out specific wavelengths, making it easier for the brain to determine the exact colors. Originally, these glasses were created by McPherson, a surgeon who dealt with a lot of laser lights. However, one day he was playing ultimate Frisbee with his color blind friend, and he let his friend wear his glasses. Suddenly, his friend could recognize the colors of the cones on the field. It was a whole new world to his friend, and it actually changed his perception. McPherson had other color blind people try these glasses, and they had the same experience as his friend did. This company has already sold many of these glasses. I think this article is very interesting because it relates to what we were talking about with the wavelengths in class. Everyone's eyes are made differently, and just like people get laser surgery to adjust their eyes, these glasses adjust them as well. http://abcnews.go.com/Health/company-claims-glasses-color-blind-people-perceive-colors/story?id=32948153

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