Friday, September 25, 2015

Face Blindness & Prosopagnosia

I went to the website to take the Famous Faces test. I predicted that before I started, I would take the test and score almost average on whose faces I recognized. Prosopagnosia is a perception disorder that people have who have an inability to recognize faces. The test showed you pictures of celebrities, and you had to guess their names. If you got it correct, you hit that you got it correct. But if you got it wrong, you had a choice to say whether or not you recognized the face after being told who it was or not. I scored a 74% on this test, and the average score on this is 85%. Although some of these faces are popular icons in society, I still had trouble recognizing a majority of them. There are some limitations that may come about in this like age of test taker and the era of the celebrities shown, but overall I feel that anyone taking this test could recognize a few faces. I recognize my family, friends, and everyday people I see walking through campus, or customers at my jobs, so I would say I do not have prosopagnosia.

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