Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Face Blind

I took the Face Blind test and I scored a 96%.  I have been really good at recognizing faces my entire life, so much so that while watching TV or movies with my friends they always ask me "oh allie who is that person?!" because I recognize people's faces so well and can even recite a list of places (other movies/shows) where I have seen them before. However, I'm really not that good when it comes to peoples' names, my mind always go blank. I scored so high on the Face Blind test because it accepted answers where you recognized the person from (such as Star Trek, or Mr. Bean) which definitely helped me out a lot. I always wondered why some people are better at remembering faces more than others because my sister is so bad at it. We can be watching TV and I'll recognize a celebrity from another movie and tell her and she won't even believe me because it is hard for her to imagine that character playing a different role while seeing them appear differently. I enjoyed this test and I am going to ask my sister to take it because I think it is so interesting how differently our minds work.

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