Friday, September 25, 2015

A fall down the stairs cures blindness?

The article Below was actually a sad yet funny story about a man from Canada named Pierre-Paul Thomas. He was born blind and lived that way for 68 years of his life until one day he fell down the stairs. Sustaining several injuries around his eye sockets, Pierre had to go to the hospital and while his doctors were examining him, they realized that he didn't have to live blind anymore. Turned out that Pierre was born with a rare condition congenital nystagmus that causes ones eyes to involuntarily move side to side, and this had caused Pierre to develop several cataracts which then resulted in his blindness. But of course back when Pierre was born the medical field wasn't what it is today so the doctors could not give Pierre the help he needed. Now, after getting the cataracts removed and with  the aid of other minor optical surgeries, Pierre is finally able to see after believing he'd live out the rest of his life blind. 
I thought that this article was pretty fascinating because this man was born blind and thought that was the way he was going to remain forever. But because we are so technologically advanced and have better trained doctors, Pierre now has eyesight. Check out the link below!

Blind Canadian Man Falls & Gets Sight

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