Sunday, June 7, 2015


After reading the last chapter of our book, I was interested in learning more about synesthesia. To me, the concept of feeling or tasting the colors of things we sense sounds crazy. I found a test online that you can take to see if you experience any aspects of synesthesia. As a non-synesthete, the questions on the test just seemed weird to me. For example: "Does the smell of coffee make you feel as though you are touching a cold glass surface?". I also found an article online about a college student with synesthesia. Emotions, taste, and more cause her to see colors.I imagine that living as a synesthete could be a difficult experience, especially since it is still not well-understood. It would definitely be interesting. An advantage of synesthesia is that people who have it are often talented artists. It makes sense that people who perceive colors and sounds in a unique way would have a special talent.

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  1. Synesthesia is definitely a concept that is not widely discussed in any form, in fact this was only about the third time that I had heard of such a concept. While I find the idea to be completely fascinating, I don't know if I would be able to handle having synesthesia. I agree that it would be a difficult life to lead since it is such a confusing and controversial topic, but I would also imagine feeling a bit of sensory overload. I would find synesthesia to be incredible distracting and somewhat overwhelming. However, I'm sure that those experiencing this phenomenon have benefited from such a unique and creative aspect.