Monday, June 29, 2015

Symmetry isn't just about beauty

Learning about symmetry regarding bodies and faces was very interesting to me. Some of the differences in people with high symmetry and low symmetry were not very shocking for me to read about at first... For example, men with high symmetry "typically have more sexual partners, quicker access to romantic partners, and induce more copulatory orgasms in their mates." When I read this I thought well clearly people who are more symmetrical are more attractive and therefore will have better luck dating all around! Reading, however, about how low symmetry is predictive of depressed cognitive skills and IQ was very shocking to me! I thought back to my high school classes where I took mostly honors and some AP courses and thought quite honestly how there were maybe some "nerdy-looking" kids in there with me, not everyone was BEAUTIFUL. Pulling out my yearbook to look back on my fellow students, I did realize that the super smarty pants of my classes might not have always been the most handsome or beautiful, but for the most part their features actually were very symmetrical! Symmetry doesn't necessarily just mean beauty, and our book lists lots of more predictors regarding human health in relation to symmetry. Over all just a very interesting topic and I found it very fascinating to kind of have some of my own proof to these facts.

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