Thursday, June 4, 2015

Sound Influences Taste

In chapter five we learned how sound can influence taste. What we hear while eating plays an important role in our perception of the textural properties of food, not to mention our overall enjoyment of the multisensory experience of food. We perceive that when eating crispy food, like vegetables and chips, that it is fresh and it enhances our taste. However, that is not the only way that sound influences our taste. If you go to a restaurant that has music playing to the specific type of food of the restaurant, the sound of the environment will also enhance our taste. Hearing a light instrumental Italian song while dining at an Italian restaurant can improve the atmosphere and improve the taste of the food.   


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  2. Great write up, you hit all the points of the sound/taste relationship.

  3. It's interesting how sound can influence our interests in food and smell can make us want to go on vacation or supposedly buy more of something. You'd never think about how all of the senses are involved in how we make decisions.