Monday, June 29, 2015

Illusion of out-of-body experience

Learning in chapter 6 about the out-of-body
experience/illusion was very interesting and intriguing to me. At first it was
hard to understand the whole concept and follow what was being done when reading, and so I had to read it over a few more
times. While sitting in the experiment you are feeling one thing and seeing
another through the goggles, which I understood. I didn’t quite get how this would make people
startled, especially since they weren’t seeing their actual body being touched. To me it sounded like there was just a hand doing a random action with a stick behind your body on the camera, which made me think that if I was in that scenario I would simply feel as if I was just watching someone else through the goggles while someone was stroking my chest at the same time. Being slightly confused, I looked up and found a video to help me to better understand. Of course now I can understand the out-of-body experience because it is an illusion of sitting behind yourself but still seeing what you feel being done to you at the same time. Here is the video!


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  1. Reading about those experiments really made me want to try them for myself- just to see what it is like. I can't imagine!