Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Blind Painting

Being that I am minoring in art, and have a huge passion for it, I connected with the reading when I got to chapter 6. I have heard of painters who are blind, but never really understood how it works. After reading about John Bramblitt, I was interested in learning more about how he creates his work. I think he is an incredible painter, regardless of his disability, but with being blind, it makes me appreciate his work so much more. The video below discusses how John creates his work. While most people use their eyesight to know paint, John uses his fingers. What I found really interesting when he discussed this is that realistically, people create images from their brain. While eyes and fingers are important, what it really comes down to when creating an image is what your brain perceives. Just from watching his interactions throughout the video, you’d never even know that he’s blind. He moves around with confidence, mixes his paint and knows exactly where and what everything is. What I’ve learned is that while it is essential to use senses, one is no more important than another. A disability of sense is aided by the other remaining senses, and we find ways to work with what we have. The youtube video below shows how John creates his art. The good thing about art, is that you can do whatever you want with it, so despite his disability, he can make it anything he sets his mind for it to be.

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  1. When I was reading this chapter I felt the same way. It was amazing to me what talent he had that he could know what color he was using or which colors to mix just by the thickness or texture of the paint. It's truly incredible what you are able to do if you are determined and have the right mind set. From now on, whenever I think I can't do something or I'm struggling, I'm going to think about people with disabilities and how they have such a positive attitude and high spirits and don't get discouraged by there disability. It is such an inspiration and motivation to follow your dreams.