Monday, June 29, 2015


Learning about the loss of smell, anosmia, was very interesting to me. I never knew when you lose your sense of smell that a lot can be affected such as taste and your relationships with others. I couldn’t imagine not being able to taste the food I am eating for the rest of my life. I find myself getting frustrated when I get a stuffy nose and can’t taste my food for a few days. I thought it interesting that people who do have anosmia prefer spicy foods. By eating spicier foods it gives them a bolder flavor which helps them taste the food better. I not a fan of spicy food because it tends to not agree with but it makes me wonder if I had anosmia if I would come to enjoy or eat spicy foods just so I could taste the little bit of flavor. It amazed me that only 20% of flavors come from taste and the other 80% comes from your sense of smell. 

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