Monday, December 1, 2014


The following is a video explaining what happens in someone with vertigo. Vertigo gives you the sensation or perception that your spinning when your actually not. Although is seems like it may mostly be a visual issue, it actually stems from the inner ear. It gives you the perception of motion where there is none.


  1. I thought this post was interesting because I got a better understanding of what happens when you have vertigo. My dog had vertigo a few times and he could barely stand. When he did manage to stand, he kept bumping into things and falling over, as if he had been spinning in circles. Just the thought of this disorder makes me dizzy.

  2. I too thought this post was interesting because I have known someone with vertigo and this really gives you some insite to the causes

  3. It is really cool to see what the causes are. Like Jessica said, watching anyone with vertigo, or a video makes me dizzy even just thinking about it.