Monday, December 1, 2014

Sensory Deprivation Tanks

Every day, excluding the time we are sleeping, we are constantly flooded with stimuli that is picked up by our senses. This constant barrage of stimuli keeps our senses active and gives us our sense of perception. This at times can be prove to be stressful. Many people resort to meditation and deep focus in order to become more relaxed. Some people may achieve this state of relaxation simply by closing their eyes and just focusing. However, the world around us is still active and can prove to be a distraction; that's where the sensory deprivation tanks come into play. Imagine being able to eliminate some of the stimuli that requires our senses to used. These tanks are sound proof and eliminate the input of light. Once you get in, you'll find that it is filled with body temperature water and you get in and float in it. The water is a mixture of water and epsom salt; there is so much epsom salt, roughly 800 pounds, in the water, that you will naturally float. This eliminates the feeling of gravity, giving you the feeling of almost zero gravity, allowing you to reach even further relaxation. The salt in the water also promotes ion transfer through your skin that is also beneficial in muscle relaxation. The benefit of this tank is that by depriving yourself of everyday senses that take up some of your mental resources, you are able to achieve a deeper state of relaxation and are able to attune yourself to your mind and reflect since there is really no other input. This allows you to develop your mind without the burden of your body and senses, in a way that is entirely personal and you get to know yourself and your life in ways that would not have otherwise been seen; ironically by depriving yourself of your senses, you feel more aware. You feel relieved of all your tension and come out, hopefully, feeling more rejuvenated and energetic.

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  1. I'd like to use one of those an hour a day, it would make probably make my life easier.