Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Military Training & Virtual reality

This is a cool technique that is being used by the military to enhance virtual training for soldiers. The technology is being used to fool the sense of sight perception and make the virtual training seem more realistic in terms of space and depth. The usage of virtual reality in a training perspective is to allow professionals to conduct training in a virtual environment where they can improve upon their skills without the consequence of failing the operation or task. It also plays an important role in combat training. It allows the recruits to train under a controlled environment where they are to respond to different types of combat situations using data suits, data glove, and virtual weapons. This setup allows the training's reset time to be cut down, and allows more repetition in a shorter amount of time. The fully immersive training environment allows the soldiers to train through a wide variety of terrains, situations and scenarios. 


  1. This is really cool, its interesting to see how they are using technology and psychology together to create a really cool virtual reality training. Its interesting to see how they had to find away to allow themselves to allow people to move around in a limited space while they are virtually moving around in a much larger space.

  2. I have a close bond with the military and am pretty familiar with the training. My husband does a lot of combat training and I think this is pretty interesting. I asked him if he has ever done virtual training, and he said he asked. When I asked which he liked better, he said he prefers real life training because he thinks it helps prepare his body not just his mind to make decisions. He also said that virtual training are benficial because they help train your mind. I guess the combination of both is a good thing!