Monday, November 3, 2014

Visual Spatial Neglect

There are two types of visual neglect; hemispatial inattention and homonymous hemianopsia. Patients who suffer from either/both of these disorders having usually suffered from a traumatic situation affecting the right hemisphere.  The difference between homonymous hemianopsia and hemispatial inattention is that hemispatial inattention is an attention deficit on one side of the body where as homonymous hemianopsia is a physical loss of a visual field in both eyes.

  Both hemispatial inattention and homonymous hemianopsia can not be corrected but can be treated by corrective lenses and occupational therapy. Patients must become aware of the neglect and learn how to deal with it accordingly. In recent years, drug therapy has been used to erect both disorders but had varying outcomes. Some patients recovered some of their visual field where as other lost more of their visual fields.

Morgan Barnett

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