Sunday, November 9, 2014

Tactile Hallucinations

       A hallucination is a sense that feels real, but created in your mind. There are many different types of hallucinations that can affect every one of your senses. I really thought tactile hallucination was interesting because I have experienced this many times. Tactile hallucination is when there is a feeling of touch or movement on your skin, but nothing there. An example of this would be when it feels like there are bugs on your skin, or in more severe cases, your organs moving around. I personally don't think I have ever felt my organs moving around, but I have felt like there were bugs on my skin when in reality there was nothing. I feel like everyone hallucinates in some sort of way, but this doesn't make us all crazy, it makes us human!
      There are many things that can cause hallucinations to exist, those being:
mental illness, substance abuse, lack of sleep, medications, migraines, seizures, terminal illness, and extremely high fevers. There are a few things that can be done to reduce or eliminate hallucinations, one of those being medication. The most effective way would be medication and seeking psychological counseling.

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  1. Tactile hallucinations are very freaky. I used to experience them more often than is healthy when I was younger due to being on a certain medication. I remember thinking that there was something crawling on me but when I checked there would be nothing there. It was really scary as a kid, especially since the medication made the hallucination more "vivid" than normal. It is also interesting that even mentally sound people can still experience this on a frequent basis even though hallucinations are considered a very extreme experience.