Tuesday, November 18, 2014

side walk art that looks 3-D

These are some really cool pictures of art that people made with side walk chalk. The talented artists set it up so that when you look at the picture at a certain angle, the picture looks 3-D. Given the foreground and depth that appear in of some of the masterpieces it looks like you could just fall right into the picture. I think that this is a really cool use of how artists can play with visual effects to create amazing art. As you can see in pictures 15 and 23 they show the picture at a different angle so you can see how it was drawn on a flat surface to make it look 3-D.


  1. these really awesome pictures. I have always wondered what made us distinguish between what is drawn and what is actually 3-D. It must take some real talent to be able to trick the eyes like that.

  2. I saw a few of these on tumblr a while back and I was always fascinated by them. They seem to just pop out of the sidewalk and some of them look so realistic. Whoever does these has some serious skills.